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    With Harley more or less eventually appearing on Gotham or even in Arrow, for the millionth time, let’s speculate which actresses can project the crazy chick’s personality on-screen to the greatest degree. There’s Dakota Fanning, a young talent who showcased her acting early on in War of the Worlds. Katy Perry Taylor Schilling has the right traits to be Joker’s other half. Plus, she’s already incarcerated in Orange is the New Black, and slowly descending into madness. Featured in Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, AnnaSophia Robb has an insanely good look for the character. Finally… Juno Temple.

    Harley Quinn, by Daniel Murray.

    Who do you think should play Harleen?

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    Everyone needs a dancing Lego Deadpool, right?


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    Neptune, the windy planet

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    Man of Star Wars

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    clip from ages ago

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    Hobbiton, New Zealand (by Banan Tarr)